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How to make the ultimate Caffè Mocha

How to make the ultimate Mocha.

In this blog I’ll be explaining what a Caffè Mocha is and how to make the ultimate Mocha. I’ll be listing all the equipment and ingredients you’ll need along with important techniques in preparing and drinking your Mochaccino.

What is a Caffè Mocha?

Simply speaking it’s a café latte with drinking chocolate added. It’s a hot beverage that’s loved all over the world and has a variety of names and spelling such as: Mochachino, Moccaccino, Mochaccino, Cafè Mocha. Or as we simply say down under “I’ll have a Mocha thanks”.

How to make the ultimate Mocha

However, there’s a specific technique to make a Caffè Mocha that really hits the spot. So, turn on your coffee machine and let’s get frothing.

What you’ll need for your Caffè Mocha

  • Espresso coffee machine
  • Freshly ground Maria’s Choice coffee
  • Dark Mochy Chocky drinking chocolate
  • Milk of your choice
  • Stainless steel milk frothing jug
  • Chocolate shaker
  • 200ml latte` glass
  • Marshmallows
  • Cream optional


  • Place one teaspoonful of dark Mochy Chocky into a preheated glass.
    Mochaccino beginning with fresh espresso extracting straight onto the drinking chocolate in the glass.

    Caffè Mocha first part espresso shot pouring onto chocolate

  • Extract one espresso shot (approx. 25-30ml) of Maria’s Choice coffee onto the chocolate.
  • Simultaneously whilst coffee is being extracted, aerate/froth milk to a smooth and thick consistency to around 60°C. NB: Your milk frothing/texturing should be completed just as the coffee finishes extracting.
  • Immediately free pour textured milk to around 3/4 full ensuring the milk folds/rolls into the coffee and chocolate mix
  • Sprinkle of dark Mochy Chocky onto beverage and top up with milk. (This will give you our famous  leopard design around the rim of the glass).
  • Serve with a marshmallow and enjoy your Mocha!

Important milk pouring technique for maximum flavour of your Caffè Mocha

Freshly steamed creamy textured milk being poured/rolled into the chocolate and espresso mix to finish off the Mochaccino before dusting top with chocolate powder.

Caffè Mocha milk pouring technique.

To make the ultimate Mocha you must ensure that you’ve nailed the espresso and frothed the milk perfectly.

Because the best taste is when the milk is at it’s thickest/creamiest consistency and poured straight onto the espresso and chocolate mix. Hence, it’s so important to ensure the timing of your milk frothing finishes just as the espresso finishes extracting. Because this is when the milk is at it’s creamiest consistency.

So, if you let the frothed milk stand for too long the creamy foam will separate from the milk. What happens now is that when you go to pour your frothy milk, it comes out flat and doesn’t taste anywhere  near as good as thick creamy milk.

Drinking tip to get the most flavour out of your Mochaccino

The pouring technique mentioned above allows the thick creamy milk to roll and fold into the coffee and chocolate. This enhances the body and depth of flavour of your Mocha.

I’ve personally trained hundreds of people and enjoy surprising them after they take their first sip. I get them to mix all their ingredients and ensure that each sip onwards has the creamy milk texture. Their response is “Wow, that’s richer,” others say “that’s a different Mocha altogether.” (If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself).

If  you want to be naughty, add a little cream. Although whipped cream is commonly used in Mochaccino, it’s difficult to mix it through with each sip. So, when I’m being naughty I add cream straight up and mix it into my Caffè Mocha. This again enhances the flavour and consistency.

Image of customer coffee pack of 1kg Maria's Choice "RICH & NUTTY" blend with Mocha Master Roasters logo and light brown diagonal stripe design. The coffee pack has the companies family history, a description of the coffee blend composition from the various coffee growing origins. The strength and flavour of the coffee with milk and as a black coffee.

Mochaccino suggested coffee Maria’s Choice

Why use Maria’s Choice coffee in a Mocha?

Although you can use any coffee blend in your Mocha, we recommend our RICH & NUTTY Maria’s Choice coffee blend. It’s made up of 100% arabica coffee from Colombia, Guatemalan and Brazil. It’s a medium to strong coffee and has an interesting texture that contrasts well with the dark Mochy Chocky.

Why use dark Mochy Chocky in your Mochaccino?
Mochaccino ideal chocolate to use dark Mochy Chocky

Caffè Mocha suggested chocolate dark Mochy Chocky

Our dark Mochy Chocky is our own recipe which we’ve developed over many years. What we like about it is that it’s got that strong bitter-sweet earthy chocolate flavour. There’s great body and texture with minimal sugar. This allows the coffee flavour to come through.




  • Guy Vaillant

    Reply August 31, 202211:35 am

    To make an ultimade mocha was a challange, but step-by-step under Paul’s supervision, I was able to master it.
    The barista course is so informative and well conducted. If more learning is needed, Paul puts in the additional time to make sure you really get it right. An extra day would be ideal to give extra practice and confidence, especially if you want to work in a cafe. Thank you, it gave me an extra appreciation of a good coffee!

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