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Jo's daughter is watching her mum texturing milk in our home barista course at Marrickville. Jo just purchased a La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi home coffee machine and is learning how to get the most out of it.

Home Barista Course Sydney

Home Barista Course

We often have customers come in for beans and tell us they can’t get the ‘crema’ on their coffee. And then ask, what grind setting should I use? Unfortunately there’s no magic number setting for all grinders. Although grinders all work in a similar way some have different adjusting direction and without seeing the grinder it’s difficult to answer. You need to understand the principles behind espresso and grinding, and then make adjustments accordingly. 

If you’re in this frustrating situation you can read our blog on ‘How to find the right grind for your coffee machine’. If you’re still struggling your welcome to book in a training slot.

hands on training

Tanya & Peter enjoying our home barista training course at our training facility in Marrickville, Sydney. Tanya is showing Peter her first attempt at texturing the milk. Good job.

Participants texturing milk

Jo gets her sons approval as he scoffs down a great Mocha made by Jo at our home barista training course.

Jo’s son enjoying a Mocha

Our one on one home barista training course is customised to suit you and your equipment. That way you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of your machine and grinder.

We specialize our expertise around your ability. So, come in, bring your gear and learn with us so you get your morning kickstart powering.

What’s included

Firstly we explain the fundamentals of espresso and the grinder. We then guide you through all your coffee machines functions and explain the importance of the start up procedure and emphasis of temperature with respect to do’s and don’ts. From there we work on your grind adjustment. Once you’re pulling shots with good ‘crema’ we then work on milk texturing/frothing. You’ll enjoy making cappuccinos, piccolos, short blacks and all the espresso based beverages. You’ll also learn how to clean and maintain  your equipment and know when they’re due for service.

  • Espresso fundamentals
  • Grinder fundamentals
  • Coffee machine functions
  • Grinder adjustment
  • Extracting espresso
  •  Milk texturing
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Home Barista Course duration & cost: $180.00 gst incl. for 2 hours

We understand that everyone is busy, so we work with you towards a time that suits both parties. Email us or call now! (02) 95655227

Dress requirements:

Please ensure you wear closed foot wear.

Essential prior reading “How to find the right grind for your coffee machine”

Where are we

Our home barista course is located at Mocha Master Roasters HQ. Situated at Unit 5, 13-21 Cadogan Street, Marrickville Sydney. You can park on our premises, or catch a train to Sydenham station. We’re a 5 min walk.

So, bring in your coffee machine, grinder, partner or family and let’s have some fun nailing your coffee.



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