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Our family's favourite "RICH & NUTTY" Maria's Choice coffee being brewed in a french press.

Which blend shall I pick?

Let us help you

Don’t feel that you’re alone when you ask yourself which blend shall I pick? Our family has been roasting coffee for almost 40 years and still people ask us which blend shall I pick. Or, what’s a good coffee for plunger? So, are you feeling better now that you know that you’re not alone?

Our simple answer is, one of each and you’re covered. That may make you laugh now. But as you start to experience our diverse range of coffee flavours you’ll find it difficult to stop at one.

Our family sources raw coffee beans from renown small ethical growers from all over the world. These exclusive coffees have unique individual characteristics. We roast and blend them to develop a diverse range of coffee flavours. These flavours are Mocha Master Roasters identity. Our family’s coffee roasting DNA. So, you’re now probably thinking what do they taste like? And which one will be best in my home coffee machine? Don’t worry all our blends have complexity, strength and body. Because we have the expertise to ensure that our blends are well rounded they are suitable for all home coffee makers.

Getting excited

So, here’s our range of unique coffee flavours, from strong BOLD & EARTHY in our Special Italian blend, Rich TOFFEE & FRUIT in The Original blend to Smooth MALT & CREAM in our famous Smooth Espresso blend. We also have our family favourite Maria’s Choice which is RICH & NUTTY and our Classic South Bar blend for those who want a strong DARK CHOC flavour.

I personally love the rich fruit like flavours and sweet butterscotch that our Original blend has. It’s my favourite as a piccolo. A.K.A. “The Adult Latté”. So, now when you ask which blend shall I choose, ask yourself what coffee will I drink? If it’s a piccolo, you could start off with The Original coffee blend. If you like sweet lively coffees then go for Maria’s Choice our family favourite. RICH & NUTTY a great all rounder and Maria herself has been enjoying her blend daily in a plunger and filter for almost 40 years. It must have something in it???

Now you know which blend to choose

The simplest way is pick one you find interesting and make it exactly how you’ve always been making your coffee, this way you’ll have a fair idea of the difference in flavours. I would also suggest to try it without milk and also in different types of beverages, piccolo, cappuccino, espresso or mocha. (PS: Maria’s Choice goes down really well in a Mocha). From there you’ll you’ll develop your favourite blend for a particular coffee. And then, you will no longer be asking yourself which blend shall I pick, but you’ll say I want a strong BOLD & EARTHY cappuccino. And you’ll pick our Special Italian coffee blend.

Be warned, once you try a few you’ll get a craving for a particular one. We have clients that have gone through our range of coffees and always purchase a few contrasting flavours.
There are times when all I crave is a traditional full bodied heavy earthy ristretto so I grind up our Special Italian. Another time I’m in a mood for a real lively sweet fruity espresso so I go The Original.

Still can’t decide which blend to choose, we’d love to help you, so send us an email or gives us a call. Our family has been helping people with their coffee since 1958 at mum and dads landmark Delicatessen – The Olympos.

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