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Mocha Barista Training

Mocha Coffee’s Barista training program – “Introduction to Espresso” is suited for beginners and experienced people that wish to calibrate their skills to industry standards. Our course has been designed by Paul Mannassis who is the Chief Coffee Judge for The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show which is part of the prestigious New South Wales Royal Agricultural Society. Paul is also the Quality Control Officer and Principal of Mocha Coffee and has 30 years of hands on coffee industry experience.

Introduction to Espresso

This introductory course is designed with a hands-on approach focussing on developing the necessary skills to identify the vast number of variables associated with preparing traditional espresso based coffees and making adjustments accordingly. You will use a range of sophisticated espresso machines and follow time-honoured practices as you learn the art of making the perfect cup of coffee.

Each participant has access to hands-on training on both commercial espresso machines and commercial grinders. Class sizes are limited to 4 participants per session ensuring you get comprehensive individual attention.

You will immediately be able to fine tune your skills and provide your clients with a rich consistent coffee ensuring you receive repeat sales.

Introduction to Espresso is a one day 6 hour course and covers the following:

Program outcomes

When you have finished the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the basic operation of an espresso coffee machine.
  • Identify the major parts of a commercial espresso machine and grinder.
  • Prepare an espresso machine for use.
  • Monitor the operation of a commercial coffee grinder and make adjustments as required to ensure ground coffee is fresh and of the correct testure.
  • Fill coffee handles with ground coffee to correct height, and tamp coffee to correct density.
  • Preparing and serving espresso based beverages.
  • Chemically cleaning an espresso machine.
  • Shut down an espresso machine.
  • Identify faults with an espresso coffee machine and grinder and take appropriate remedial action. (This includes identifying faults that require the service agent to remedy, and fixing those faults within the scope of the user.)

The cost of the course is $320.00 excl. GST. per person.

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If you’re interested in developing the skills required to make great coffee please email your details to us.