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Complete Elektra micro casa S1CO levetta coffee machine

Elektra Australia Coffee Machine Service and spare parts

A copper brass elegant domestic Elektra microcasa serviced and repaired.

Elektra semi automatica SX gold

Have you ever turned on your Elektra micro casa coffee machine first thing in the morning and it’s decided to trip the circuit? Not a good day ahead. Well, we’re here to help, so bring it in and we’ll fix it. Our Elektra coffee machine service center has all the Elektra spare parts needed to fix your machine. We can also schedule you into our preventative maintenance program to avoid such frustrating situations. There’s a pickup and delivery service (limited areas) available along with great training.

Australian authorised Elektra coffee machine service center


Elektra Australia coffee machine service center authentication certificate

Elektra certificate

Our brother Paul Mannassis has been personally trained by the original founders of Elektra in Treviso Italy- the Fregnan family. Our Elektra Australia coffee machine service center has been visited and accredited by the Fregnan family.


Our family has been enjoying coffee from the Elektra machines since our first shipment back in 1999. We have sold 100’s of Elektra micro casa and Elektra commercial machines and provided all the technical support. Our inhouse Elektra Australia service center is equipment with a large inventory of all the Elektra spare parts to get the job done. We’re situated in Marrickville with available parking.

Help is only a phone call away

Our personal experience with the Elektra micro casa and commercial range has helped us learn all the symptoms that can/will occur. We’ve fixed many simple issues over the phone. I remember once a customer called and explained to me that his Elektra levetta has pressure but no steam. Guess what the problem was? A blocked steam tip. call now! (02) 95655227.

Elektra coffee machine service preventative maintenance program

A dismantled Elektra micro casa a leva

Dismantled Elektra micro casa coffee machine.

All coffee machines eventually break down. However, to minimize such disruption to your much needed morning coffee, we take care of all your scheduled services. We carry sufficient Elektra spare parts for a fast service turnaround. We will personally contact you and arrange a pickup. Or you may prefer to drop it off to us at Marrickville. We’d love to meet you and have a coffee. PS: The coffee is on us!

Home Barista training

We get many new clients bring in their Elektra for service and tell us they love their Elektra but they can’t get the ‘crema’ on top of their coffee. This is not right! To get the most out of your Elektra micro casa coffee machine book our Home Barista course. We insist that you bring in your grinder as well. The grind is the most influential aspect to getting a good ‘crema’, body and flavour out of your coffee.

Where are we

Elektra Australia Coffee Machine Service center is situated at Unit 5, 13-21 Cadogan Street, Marrickville. (02) 95655227 (near Sydenham train station) inside Mocha Master Roasters coffee roastery. Contact us.

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