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Tolima farms Colombian organic. Picture shows Indigenous town into the Colombian mountains. The huts are very native and circular dwelling with teepee shaped with straw roofing.

Organic Colombian ‘Tolima Farms’

Tolima farms Colombian organic

Tolima farms Colombian organic empty sacs on horseback ready for collecting the green coffee beans.Colombia- steeped in tradition for more than a century of growing and processing coffee is why Colombian coffee is so consistent and sought after by coffee roasters and coffee lovers all over the world. Colombia is the world’s 3rd largest coffee producer, with coffee grown by over 500,000 producers. Only the high quality arabica coffee species is grown in Colombia. This deeply rooted coffee producing culture separated by the great Amazon river and having coastlines on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans along with the famous Andes mountain ranges ensures coffee is plentiful.



Tolima is the 3rd largest coffee producing region of Colombia. Located in the Andean region west-central Colombia. Up until a decade ago Tolima was occupied by the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC). The good news is that because no farming took place during the occupation  the region was free from agrochemicals. Hence, the Tolima farmers took an organic farming approach which has proven to be successful. Consumers are starting to look at sustainably farmed coffees.

Tolima farms Colombian organic coffee cherries being collected and poured into a sac for further processing.

Colombian farmer

The Associacion de producers Ecologicos de Planadas (ASOPEP) is a group of 162 small farm holder specialty coffee producers in Planadas, South Tolima Colombia. ASOPEP was founded in 2013 and is involved in community initiatives to help strengthen the community through coffee cupping tasting education and farming techniques. In addition the association helps promote specialty coffee through events and competitions. The average producing farm is approximately 2.5 hectares with altitudes of 1650-2100 meters.

Our family has been sourcing and roasting a diverse range of Colombian coffees for almost 40 years. We have enjoyed great tasting coffees from various regions such as Narino, Huila, Popoyan and Tolima. Tolima Farms Colombian organic coffee is a family favourite. We love the lively aroma and “FRUITY CARAMEL” taste if offers.

What does it taste like?

Our family’s expertise ensures we roast our Tolima Farms Colombian organic into what we call the sweet spot. This allows the coffee to develop a palatable acidity thus you can enjoy this coffee with or without milk and in all coffee makers.

Mocha Master Roasters Tolima farms Colombian organic coffee beans packaging. Provenance Colombia sustainably farmed coffee wording with "Fruity Caramel" describing the taste. Image also shows a graphic volcano made up of two opposite sides with eyes and the Colombian national colours depicted in a vertical stripe formation on a strong purple coloured background and steam coming out of the top of the volcano.

Colombian coffee beans

Without milk:

It’s quite a complex coffee with a bright and long finish NUTTY, TANGY, CARAMELY & FRUITY. You’ll enjoyed a sustained sweet tannin like textured finish.

With milk:

You’ll find it very easy to drink. It’s tasty yet not overwhelming and there’s a mild chocolate flavour with a CARAMEL TANGY FRUITNESS.



Bean Specifications:

100% pure Tolima Farms Colombian organic arabica coffee.

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Tolima
  • Producer: Various certified Organic Tolima farms
  • Type: Arabica specialty grade coffee
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 1600 – 1950
  • Certifications: Organic Ecocert at origin.




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