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Home coffee machine service for Elektra & La Spaziale

La Spaziale & Elektra coffee machine repair specialists

Our expertise

Our Elektra & La Spaziale home coffee machine service specialists have over 20 years hands on experience. They not only service, but actually own their own grinders and coffee machines. And I know they pump out their coffees every morning. And yes, even the experts machines break down. Hence, their experience in fixing them. For this reason they understand all the symptoms with each model. So, rest assure your baby will be in good hands.

Our in-house Elektra & La Spaziale home coffee machine service workshop has been set up by our brother Paul Mannassis. The Fregnan family are the original founders of Elektra. They personally trained Paul at their plant in Treviso.

Coffee machine and grinder hospital – Marrickville

We have an emergency ward, a general ward and a periodic maintenance ward. And, as always your home coffee machine packs it up on the day you’re really craving for that morning coffee. So don’t panic, there’s always a spare bed if your baby breaks down.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Sometimes it’s only a matter of a call and we can fix it over the phone. So don’t be shy, let us know the symptoms and we’ll do our best to diagnose and offer a practical solution.


Eureka grinder service specialists

Along with our La Spaziale & Elektra coffee machines service expertise we also know a thing or two about the Eureka coffee grinders. We carry all blades and a range of parts including hoppers and lids for both commercial and home models. In addition for both coffee machines and grinders we also have a range of cleaning accessories.

Express pick-up and drop-off service – Marrickville

We know the frustration you have when your coffee machine is not working. So, we do our best to turn them over quickly. We always enjoy seeing your smile when you come and collect your baby.
Our Elektra & La Spaziale home coffee machine service center is situated at 13-21 Cadogan Street, Marrickville. There’s parking and were only a few minutes away from Sydenham station.
For those of you that are time poor please contact us or call us for our express pick up and redeliver service (limited to Sydney)
If you have time, please come over to collect your machine so we can thoroughly explain a few maintenance hints.

PS: “the coffee’s on us”

Broken down Elektra home coffee machine. Ready for service. All panels removed to access the boiler on the chrome Mini-Verticale model with the eagle on top.

Repairing the Elektra Mini-Verticale

Service Technician Certificate of qualification issued to Paul Mannassis by Federico Fregnan. The Fregnans were the original founders of Elektra espresso machines in Treviso Italy.

Technical Certificate


  • hanfu zhang

    Reply June 28, 20221:18 am

    my mahine is elektra two head coffee machine. need service . it is 2002
    made. its when you switch on power. it on and off its self. this machie naver been servied since I have it nealy 12 years. please contact me and send me massege on 0433932244. or email

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