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La Spaziale S11 Mini-Brio Home Coffee Machine (White)


What’s good about it?


Firstly, it makes coffee with ‘crema’

The amazing S11 Mini Brio has a large 2.8lt water tank with a built in pump, so it doesn’t need to be plumbed. This means you can place it on any bench and even take it away to your holiday house for the weekend.

Eco mode function saves energy

It has two boilers one for the coffee and one for steam/hot water. Both boilers are PID adjustable via an easy to use touch screen. It even has a hot water spout for long blacks and making tea. And the boiler refills itself automatically. There’s an ECO boiler mode which saves energy and allows this powerful machine to plug into a normal household power point.

The unit comes with a filter pouch that you simply drop into the water tank. This treats the water for optimum flavour in your coffee. Guess what, the La Spaziale technology in the Mini Brio let’s you know when your filter pouch is due for replacement (a filter icon appears on the touchscreen). It also let’s you know when to fill up the water tank. The tank lights flash and a fill water icon appears on the touchscreen, unbelievable.

Making quality coffee to industry standards

The pump is set at 9 bar pressure which is the same setting as commercial coffee machines. So now you can enjoy a strong espresso with a beautiful golden/mahogany ‘crema’ – the hallmark of a true Italian espresso. By having the technology to adjust your coffee brewing temperature not only means that you wont burn your coffee but you can find the perfect sweet spot. Let’s say you have a coffee that’s tasting a little bitter. What you can do is lower the temperature a degree at a time until you find the sweet spot. How good is that?

User friendly

Your coffee levels/volumes have an automatic dose setting button for single and double shot coffee. There’s also a continuous button and a separate purge button. The purge button cleans the shower between coffee shots. In addition there’s a coffee shot timer which times the flow rate of your coffees. This helps you know when you may need to adjust your grinder.

Secondly, you can froth your milk simultaneously whilst making the coffee

S11 Mini-Brio has a massive powerful 3lt stainless steel steam/hot water boiler. This allows you to froth your milk into a silky smooth consistency coffee after coffee. It’s so easy to use. You just press the steam button and once you’ve finished press it again. The steam tip is engineered to ensure that all users will be able to create a nice smooth cappuccino, Latte’ or piccolo. It’s very forgiving and easy to use and clean.

Thirdly, this beauty is ready to make coffee before you wake up

This part I love. The all new La Spaziale Mini-Brio looks after your coffee moment seven days a week. There’s three different timer settings per day that you can program to have it turn on and off. Then on and off. And on and off again. Can you believe it, it’s got to be the best ‘working from home’ coffee machine. It covers all working shifts. Amazing! That’s La Spaziale technology. By the way La Spaziale has been perfecting espresso coffee machines in Bologna Italy since 1969. Our commercial café customers proudly use them throughout Australia.


The La Spaziale coffee handles are very versatile and user friendly. The S11 Mini-Brio has the same handles as found on all our café client’s commercial La Spaziale coffee machines. I recall one of trainers some years ago say, “the handles are so easy to put on. I’m no longer spending valuable time teaching people to put them on and can get on with making coffee”. What this means is that you’re buying a serious home coffee machine that’s very easy to use.


La Spaziale means reliability, we know because we use them too. We have been importing and servicing them since 2006. Our inhouse technical service division is located in Marrickville. We have a full range of spare parts and experienced technicians.

The La Spaziale S11 Mini-Brio comes with 12 months back to base warranty. (Note: Warranty does not include courier costs). All our machines are bench tested prior to dispatch.

  • Electronic 1 group coffee machine with proportioned dose setting
  • tft 3,5” RGB graphic display
  • Espresso shot timer clock
  • Electronic control (P.I.D. system) of delivery group temperature via touchscreen
  • 3 liter stainless steel boiler for hot water and steam delivery
  • 0,45 liter copper boiler for coffee delivery
  • Pressure control of steam and hot water boiler by digital pressure switch
  • Independent shut down function for steam and hot water boiler and for delivery group (energy saving)
  • Upper heated cup tray with capacity of about 24 cups
  • Separate trays for coffee group and steam / hot water boiler
  • 1 steam wand (activated by push-button)
  • 1 hot water wand pre-set delivery (activated by push-button)
  • N°3 coffee delivery selections (1 cup, 2 cups, free flow)
  • Control of malfunction alarms
  • Access to the parameters of the machine protected by pin code
  • USB firmware update
  • Possibility to import logos / tft display images (screensaver)
  • Coffee / hot water and steam delivery counters
  • Programmable on / off timer for coffee groups and for steam and hot water boiler
  • Eco boiler function (PW max) 230 Volt = 1200 W
  • Adjustable vibrating pump
  • Inner 3 liter tank with refill from above
  • Indicator of lack of water in the tank
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Water tank softening system control with change resins indicator
  • Pre arranged for direct connection to water mains (automatic refilling system of the internal water tank)
  • Side lighting to aid water fill level


    Dimensions (mm) LxPxH 410 x 470 x 450
    Weight (kg) 32
    Coffee boiler capacity (liters)
    Steam boiler capacity (liters)
    Power supply and power absorption Volt 208/240
    Hz 50/60
    W 2100/2600


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The La Spaziale S11 Mini-Brio home coffee machine is amazing!



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