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La Spaziale S1 Mini-Vivaldi II Home Coffee Machine (Black)

The La Spaziale S1 Mini-Vivaldi II home coffee machine is a real home entertainer. Made in Bologna Italy since 1969.

User friendly

We have been selling home coffee machines for almost 40 years and can comfortably say that the La Spaziale Mini-Vivaldi II home espresso machine will be your last upgrade. Whether your making coffee for one or 20 it’ll pump them out. It’s quite an advanced home coffee machine. You simply plug it into a normal power point, fill up the water tank and turn it on. The indicator lights let you know when it’s ready to make coffee and away you go. Touch buttons function controls for extracting coffee and hot water. Easy ergonomic steam lever control and a massive 3litre drain box. Just keep the coffees pumping.


The La Spaziale coffee handles are very versatile and user friendly. The S1 Mini-Vivaldi II has the same handles as found on all our cafe’ client’s commercial La Spaziale machines. I recall one of trainers some years ago say, “the handles are so easy to put on. I’m no longer spending valuable time teaching people to put them on and can get on with making coffee”. What this means is that you’re buying a serious home coffee machine that’s very easy to use.

La Spaziale technology

What we like about the La Spaziale S1 Mini-Vivaldi home espresso machine is that you won’t burn your coffee. This is a result of the twin boiler set up. You can adjust the temperature by 1 degree increments. So, let’s say you have a coffee that’s tasting a little bitter. What you can do is lower the temperature a degree at time until you find the sweet spot. How good is that?  Steam is via an easy to use lever. It has a large cup warming tray, and yes they do get warm.


La Spaziale means reliability, we know because we have been selling and servicing them since 2006. Our inhouse technical service division is located in Marrickville. We have a full range of spare parts and experienced technicians.


  • Electronic one group coffee machine
  • Plugs into a normal 10amp power point
  • No plumbing water connection required
  • Sits straight on any bench
  • Programmable coffee dose levels for 1 & 2 cups
  • Electric heating
  • Electronic temperature regulation for coffee delivery group
  • Built-in safety thermostats
  • Temperature indicated by LED display
  • Semi-automatic hot water delivery for infusions
  • Built-in vibrating pump
  • 0,45 liter boiler for coffee delivery
  • 1,2 liter boiler for hot water and steam delivery
  • Internal 3 liter tank
  • 1 hot water outlet and 1 steam wand
  • Absorption of the machine: 1200W boiler heating element / 800W group heating element
  • Fault diagnosis alarm
  • Economy function (maximum absorption 1200W)

S1 quote

Dimensions (mm) LxPxH 415 x 415 x 385
Weight (kg) 28
Boiler capacity (liters)
0,45 (coffee boiler)  – 1,2 (coffee boiler)
Power supply and power absorption Volt 230
Hz 50/60
W 2200

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The La Spaziale S1 Mini-Vivaldi II home coffee machine is a real home entertainer. Made in Bologna Italy since 1969.


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