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LaSpaziale S9EK coffee machine 3 group (Reconditioned)


LaSpaziale S9EK coffee machine

This 3 group fully reconditioned LaSpaziale S9EK coffee machine is a great buy for high volume environments, tackling busy shifts effortlessly. There’s ample room on the cup warming tray for crockery including large mugs. Made at Bologna in Italy renown for espresso machine perfection. La Spaziale was established in 1969 by individuals with espresso machine expertise dating back to 1947.

About this coffee machine

This S9EK 3 group has been fully reconditioned in our workshop. The boiler and pipe work have been fully descaled. We’ve replaced many parts (see below) and the machine is in immaculate condition.

We’ve been selling and servicing the La Spaziale commercial and home coffee machine range for the past 20 years. We have a large inventory of spare parts for your peace of mind. The beauty of the LaSpaziale S9EK coffee machine is that the handles are designed for easy attachment, streamlining your work flow. There’s ample space for coffee cups, perfect for those 12oz orders. The ergonomic levers for both steam & hot water, enhancing user comfort.

What you get with this baby.

Please note: Unfortunately the photos do not do this immaculate machine justice. It’s best to call us (02) 9565 5227 to arrange a time to see and feel it. We can also go through the patented features and technology of the S9EK.

  • 12 months warranty all parts and electricals
  • New! 53mm portafilters with 22g filter baskets
  • Ergonomic lever controlled 2 x steam and 1 x hot water outlets
  • Versatile group heads
  • New! ITC integrated temperature control valves per group including new hosing and brass group connectors
  • New! 3 x 3way group solenoid valves
  • New! Solenoid pickup sensors
  • New! Solenoid magnetic wheel and seals
  • New! Solenoid silicone waste discharge tubing
  • New! Touchpads. 4 automatic coffee doses per group and 1 manual flow button
  • New! Touch pad wiring harnesses
  • New! Built in commercial rotary pump
  • New! Pump motor capacitor
  • New! Boiler safety valve
  • New! Boiler probe
  • New! Probe wiring cable
  • New! Boiler depression sensor
  • New! On/off switch
  • New! Boiler temperature display panel and circuitry
  • New! Complete steam wands with steam tips and rubber protector
  • New! Steam hot water seals
  • New! Group head seals
  • New! Main large heat exchanger seals
  • New! Group block to heat exchanger seals
  • New! Showers both top and bottom
  • New! 4,300 watt electronic boiler element
  • 15lt boiler fully descaled immaculate
  • Dual pressure gauge (steam boiler & Pump pressure)
  • Control of malfunction alarms
  • New! Vertical polished stainless steel splash panel
  • New! Stainless steel drip tray
  • New! Stainless steel drip tray grill
  • New! Left and Right white body panels
  • New! LH Bottom black trim panel
  • Fits into a 20amp single phase power outlet
  • Dimensions 100cmL x 53cmD x 52cmH
  • Weight 80kg that’s says how serious this machine is.


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This 3 group fully reconditioned LaSpaziale S9EK coffee machine is a great buy for high volume environments, tackling busy shifts effortlessly. This is a fully reconditioned 3 group automatic coffee machine with an extensive list of new parts.


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